Sunday, May 12, 2013

Their Birth Kiss!

This shot was captured two minutes after birth! Mama birthed on hands and knees with Dad catching. He immediately passed baby through to the front and this was taken after she looked at her baby girl for the first time! Words can't describe how much I LOVE this photo! 

On a side note...Mama was 41 weeks and had a completely closed cervix at her appointment earlier in the day. Labor started that evening and less than six hours later, this was the scene! That is why I like to remind women...It doesn't matter what your cervix is doing until you're in labor!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Birth is Beautiful!

I've heard people say, "There is nothing beautiful about birth!" Well, they obviously haven't seen natural, physiological birth...Birth that is unencumbered by continuous fetal monitoring or IV's, allowed to eat or drink at will, freedom to move as she desires, freedom to labor in water and birth in water if she chooses. She is undisturbed...She is beautiful!