Friday, December 28, 2012

Nature's Pitocin

8 centimeters...An hour before birth!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Born in the Caul ~ A Magical Birth!

It was December 18th, 2012...this little one's estimated due date. She surprised her mommy by arriving right on time but that wasn't the only surprise. If you look closely by her left shoulder, you can see that she is still fully contained in the amniotic sac that has been her home for the previous nine months. This is seen more often by midwives since they are less likely than obstetricians to break the bag of water. Seconds after snapping this photo, the midwife separated the membrane and exposed baby's face so she could take her first breath...It was truly magical!
I'm thinking she's gonna like the number 12! She was due 12/18/12, born 12/18/12 at 2:12 and weighed.... 7.12!