Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birthing Your Own Way

Labor can be a time when a women feels like she has no control over what is happening with her body. In some cases, they're told they may not eat or drink, no getting out of bed, even when and how they can push their baby out. All too often, a care provider has certain processes they follow when it comes to giving birth. This is most common with hospital births when standard procedures come into play. I've had clients ask their provider if they can be in whatever position is most comfortable for them when it comes for pushing. Most often, they're told they can labor in any position but when it comes time to push, they must be on their backs as that is the easiest position for the doctor to "deliver" the baby. Wouldn't it be better to let the woman be in whatever position she wants whether it is a squat, on her side, on all fours or in the water? How about lying beside her partner, using his body to rest her leg upon after each push? Like this...

When women are allowed to make the decisions during labor and birth, they have confidence in their body's ability to birth naturally as it was designed to do. She surrenders to the waves that ebb and flow knowing each one will bring her baby closer to her arms. In this case, each wave brought their baby closer to Daddy's hands. This photo was taken two minutes after he placed her on his wife's chest...And the two became three!

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