Monday, January 23, 2012

The Next Best Thing...

You've got your birth plan all written out, the pregnancy has been free of any complications and you are about to experience the birth of your dreams. Suddenly at 38 weeks, your water breaks and there is a complication that necessitates the need to change your plans. This can be a very difficult adjustment if you've never talked about the possibilities of needing to go on to the next best thing. Whether you've planned on a birth at a birth center and ended up at the hospital, planned an unmedicated birth but ended up with an epidural after 36 hours of labor, or planned on a normal, vaginal birth but ended up with a cesarean birth...You made a decision out of love for your baby to go on to the! One of my goals as a doula is to help couples have the best experience possible, regardless of the circumstances. That was the case with this beautiful couple who had to make some adjustments to their birth plan. Even though the birth of their son didn't take place at the birth center, everyone in that room will remember it as one of the most amazing hospital births ever!

Meet Owen Thomas
Born January 17th at 10:38pm
St. Joseph's Hospital
Weighed 7lbs 2.4oz and 19 inches long
Proud parents are Kelly and Torrey