Monday, October 3, 2011

What's in YOUR Doula Bag?

This is the bag that I take with me whenever I leave my house. If you were to open it right now, this is what you'd find: Three client folders (expecting a labor call from any one of them any day!), my camera (to capture those great moments during labor and birth!), peppermint oil (helps with nausea!), a lavender filled squeeze ball, some Cliff bars and an Oriental hand-held fan. Sometimes at a birth I'll use everything in my bag...sometimes I'll only take out my camera. The most important things I take with me aren't actually in my bag. You see, I bring my heart and my hands, my comfort and confidence...I don't EVER want to walk into a birth setting without them!


Annette said...

Interesting to know what you bring with you to a labor/birth ... I have wondered at times what "props" you bring, but I believe your seemingly calm, caring touch is your number one - and most important - "tool". My day is soon arriving to experience this!

On another note, I have to comment that I love the bag and would be interested to know where it's from!


Dianne said...

Thanks Annette...It's a Fossil