Saturday, August 6, 2011

It was a beautiful journey!

On July 24th, two couples participated in the first ever Birth Journey Workshop held at Babymoon Inn. This is what one of the couples had to say:

"The things I liked best about the workshop were learning different labor positions and going through the Birth Journey. It was definitely worth our time and it brought a new sense of closeness between us. The different labor and pushing positions that Dianne suggested specific to Carmen's body type were great, as well as different ways to use the equipment and tools at Babymoon. We have already recommended the class to other couples!

Thank you so much Dianne! We're so glad we got the opportunity to participate in this workshop!! Thanks again, it was quite a journey! With love, Carmen and Tony"

Join us for the next Birth Journey Workshop on August 20th...There's room for three more couples! To register, email or call Dianne at 602-881-2729