Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sushi at a Mexican Restaurant?

You just found out that you're going to have a baby! Now it's time to figure out what kind of birth you'd like. What do you want the environment to be...quiet? conservative? respectful? natural? medical? Do your research and find the provider, facility and support people that will give you the best chances of helping you achieve your desired birth experience. If your desire is to have an unmedicated, intervention-free birth, then choosing to birth in a hospital that has a 99% epidural rate might not be the best environment to achieve those results. You want your body to be free of all electronic equipment? Labor in a nice, warm tub? You'd like to eat and drink whatever you want during labor? You want to walk around outside? Can it happen in a hospital? Yes, it can and I have been privileged to be part of several such births.

If you've had a cesarean birth and are now planning to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), going to a care provider that has a policy of only allowing you to gestate to 40 weeks most likely will not get you a VBAC. Do your research and find a care provider that is excited about your desire to have a vaginal birth and will do anything within their ability to help make that happen!

Do you want your care provider to really get to know you and you them? That is going to be a difficult task if you go to an obstetrics office that rotates you through all six OB's in the practice. Not only that, it's hard to get to know someone by spending 10 minutes with them once or twice per month. If that's the kind of care you want and expect during your pregnancy, you probably should check into receiving care from a midwife. A midwife will spend close to an hour with you at each appointment which allows her to get to know you, your body and your baby!

Can you have the outcome you desire even if all the circumstances aren't in your favor? Yes, it is possible...but it would be like craving Sushi and expecting to get exactly what you want at a Mexican restaurant. You better hope they have the right ingredients to make your favorite Sushi. If they do happen to have the ingredients (and they're fresh!), you also better hope the cook who's working that shift knows how to make your Kamakazi Roll and Tobiko! Edamame?