Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We made it to Disneyland!

I tell parents that labor and birth is like going on a trip to Disneyland. You could have a flat tire and you might come upon some road construction; there may even be a detour...BUT you're still going to Disneyland. That was the case with this mama whose water broke and no contractions in sight for at least 30 hours. The Cook Cervical Balloon worked great to get her to 4cm and then she worked so, so hard over the next 18 hours to get to 6cm. Things didn't quite go as planned, BUT they still made it to Disneyland and when the ride was over, this gorgeous little guy awaited their snuggles!

Meet James Grayson
Born July 24th at 2:58am
Banner Desert Hospital
Weighed in at 8lb 13oz and 22 inches long
Proud parents are Grahame and Joy