Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Perception of Pain in Childbirth

When asked to share thoughts on pain in childbirth and/or a pain free childbirth without drugs, this is how one mom feels about her birth experience with her daughter. "I felt like it was more uncomfortable than painful... This is weird but I've broken bones, had a root canal, stubbed my toe and on a pain scale those were all much worse than labor... It felt like there was pressure with no where to go but out somewhere either through moaning or humming or whatever... Being able to do what I felt was right is what made the "pain"/uncomfortableness bearable." ~ Brigette Geary


michelle lynn said...

True! I once read that pain is only a way of your body telling you it is in danger, something is wrong, and therefore it's not actually pain you experience in childbirth since it is a natural process. I can attest to that, even though I had a long (hard) labor, I didn't actually experience true pain until the very end - only due to the little guy's not so little head that came out in a hurry ;)