Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is Your Baby Too Big?

How many times have you heard a woman say, "My OB says my baby is too big to fit through my pelvis so I have to have a c-section or else be induced before my due date?" Maybe you've been told this. Well, a big baby doesn't have all the extra weight in their head only...It's dispersed throughout their body in squishy parts like buns and thighs. A larger baby has less room to become malpositioned or have a compound presentation since pelvic room often dictates a ONE-WAY fit!

Certain positions will make more room for your baby as well. Did you know that squatting can open your pelvis by as much as 30%? Squatting is a great position to use toward the end of pushing to make room as the baby's head is descending lower into your vagina and is just visible.

Tips for giving birth to a big baby:

  • Allow labor to begin on its own without being induced.
  • Use a variety of positions during labor and pushing.
  • Consider a squatting position if needed.
  • Ask for as much time in labor as possible, especially in pushing.
  • Use additional labor support such as a doula, to help you with pain relief techniques and progress.
  • Consider the benefits of a natural birth since pushing is more effective and progress is better than if you use pain medication. Also, pain meds can make it harder to get into certain positions such as squatting.
  • Get regular chiropractic adjustments so that your spine and pelvis are in alignment before you go into labor.
  • Practice your positioning and exercises during pregnancy so that your body is toned and has the stamina to stay in these positions, if needed, for 30 minutes or longer during labor.

Used by permission of author. Original article by Brenda Lane can be found by clicking on the title above.